Vouchers: The Saviour of Online Shoppers!

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Project Description

Hail the Saviour of Online Shoppers!

You go into a store that sells great stuff but at original prices which are too heavy for your wallet. You crinkle your nose and reluctantly get out of that place. Next, you find another store that sells the same stuff but at discounted rates. You get into that store with a grin and get out with smiles and a handful of shopping bags.

You get your things, the shop gets its customer, and it knows that you’ll spread the word!

While discounts are a great way to keep the business going, vouchers are a still better way to attract customers and keep them happy. They might sound the same but actually, one is for the mass while the other is personalized. And who does not like personalized services?

Vouchers are the most effective in online shopping, and they have quickly made their way to top the list of factors affecting online shopping. It is the major reason why most people prefer shopping via their phones and computers rather than going to the retail store, and the reason why some of these people get addicted to online shopping. An analysis of the pattern of shopping shows that vouchers are very much responsible for setting a rising trend of “smart shopping”.

There’s a lot more to vouchers. Let’s check out this infographic that provides facts and stats on the “hero” of online shoppers.

Client : VoucherBin.co.uk
Year: 2015
Categories: Design, Infographic, Content Creation


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