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From Screen to Script

Transcription, as we know it today, is a pretty difficult job. But before the 1930s, it was much more challenging as secretaries had to write down the speeches as they heard them- you read that right, no repetitions! – using specialised skills like shorthand. And unlike today, they had to be physically present on the spot too!

With the advent of recording mediums like the tape recorders and cassettes in the 1930s, the job became easier by a degree. The assignment could be brought down to offices in a different location altogether! Over the years, technological advancements made the job comparatively easier. Today, professional transcribers can type up to 90 words per minute, whereas in 1998 a fast typist could type about 40 words per minute on an average.

Even the scope of the transcription services have drastically changed over the years, primarily due to the way social media has infiltrated into our daily lives. Transcription was primarily devised as a way to organise thoughts and famous speeches onto newspapers. But today, transcription is used in various fields and for diverse purposes. It is commonly used for improving SEO rankings for videos on websites, subtitling, translation, and also in the sober fields of law and medical research among others.

Today to spread the word, literally, transcription services are a must! This beautiful infographic brings together facts and statistics about this often underrated service.


Client : Tobais Dean
Year: 2015
Categories: Design, Infographic, Content Creation

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