The Psychology of Colours in Clothing

//The Psychology of Colours in Clothing
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Project Description

What is the first thing that you look at while you search for a dress off the rack? That’s right, it’s the colour that catches your eye first.

Which is why 85% of consumers admit that colours become their major factor for buying any product.

Why do you think we associate red with passion, blue with serenity, and white with purity? It’s simple, colours affect our psychology. And it not only just reflects our mood or personality but also heavily influences others’ impression about us. Wear a bright orange shirt for an interview and chances are that you’ll be rejected for being too flamboyant, or even clownish!

Choosing what to wear for a certain event can become quite confusing. But this infographic will not only tell you how different colours send distinct messages to our minds but also guide you through what NOT to wear at certain events.

So, before you select that sunny, yellow shirt for your board meeting, check out if its a hit or a miss!

Client : Tobias Dean

Year : 2017

Categories : Design, Infographics, Content Creation.

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