The Next Ten Years – Africa’s Most Endangered Species

//The Next Ten Years – Africa’s Most Endangered Species
The Next Ten Years – Africa’s Most Endangered Species2018-01-25T16:51:40+00:00

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How is Africa?

It is mystic, wild, beautiful, primeval, tropical, vast and enticing.

Is Africa as beautiful as it used to be?

Yes, Africa is developing. The countries have found their economic plinth and ensured human development index.

Human Development Index- such a heavy term it is costing the index of Other population of the continent- its animals. The reason is not always poaching. Day to day human follies are far more responsible behind increasing mortality rate of many of the animal species.

Cheetahs, riverine rabbits, black rhinos, white rhinos, African elephants, mountain gorillas, African penguins and other animal species are being found endangered.

Nothing is natural.

Pathetically, human wild-life conflict, civil unrest, hunting and poaching have been cited as the most chronic stimuli to endanger the     animal species in the continent.

This infographic brings us to the impressive pictorial study of these endangered species through facts and statistics.

Client: Tobias Dean

Year: 2017

Categories: Design, Infographics, Content Creation

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