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That Blooming Hair

When it comes to hair trends, straight and relaxed hair is the undisputed choice for majority of the people. But there are many others who prefer to take a different turn and show off their naturally kinky and unkempt locks. This is the love for Afro hair! From Boney M to Solange – Afro never dies!

Ever since mankind has learnt to tame their locks, hairstyles have almost narrowed down to smooth and manageable ones. Back in the early 1900s, Black women mutated their natural curls to have straight hair in order to be at par with the White society. But then begun a revolution that demanded Blacks to retain their natural hair! This officially marked the beginning of the Afro hairstyle.

Reports state that, around 70% Black women today prefer retaining their natural curls. One very popular hashtag on Twitter was #teamnatural. As most of us know, this hashtag from last year revolves around the pride of owning natural hair.

Words would not be enough to describe the popularity of this trending hairstyle and examples of iconic figures adopting it would be many! So, let’s take a statistical look at the popularity of Afro. This infographic here brings us the twists and turns of the Afro story.


Client : Tobias Dean
Year: 2015
Categories: Design, Infographics, Content Creation

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