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The Social Sychophancy

“My readers and my audiences have turned into my followers.” — Jeffrey Gitomer – American author, professional speaker, and business trainer

Social media is one strong platform where, with a few motivating posts, one can start the buzz and, with some good effort, amass his/her followers.

There’s hardly any doubt that this is one of the most popular platforms for mass communication – if not the most popular. More than 29% of the global population are involved in one or more digital communication platforms. Is it only for “Hello” and “Hey, what’s up?” No! Every person turning into a brand now. People post things – be it a statement or an image or a video – with the hope that their contacts will like their posts, show their admiration on the media and share the word. This is networking. And companies are doing just the same.

Jeffery Gitomer’s words above are found echoing in the actions of almost all prominent brands as well as personalities. They make sure to update their social pages almost daily to keep their fans engaged and attract new ones. Promotions, launches and breaking news are often found on social media before being released into any other media.

We know about companies promoting their products. But not many know that they also look for employees on social media. Yes! It’s time that people start knowing this and being careful about what they post, share and who they keep contact with on their digital hangouts.

What else do social media offer? Let’s check out this infographic to know more about how you can utilize this digital boon for your cause – and check it from turning into bane.

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Year: 2015
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The Social Media

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