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“Beer is made by men, wine by God.”

Seems like Martin Luther could aptly recognize the grandeur of this drink. From time immemorial, wine has been associated to luxury, opulence, festivities and good spirits. Nothing comes close to a goblet of good, aged wine. And maybe, that’s why people are gradually shifting their preference from hard drinks to wine to soothe their palates.

Wine stands as the second most preferred alcohol to beer with 32.9% of adults opting wine.

However, one who is new to the world of wine may find himself swimming through the options. Red wine or white wine? Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir? French-exclusive or a bottle from South Africa?

While it may take years of experience and a distinct tongue to become a wine connoisseur, this infographic will provide a quick guide for the beginners. From a definitive distinction between the various categories of wine to a handy guide to buying that perfect bottle, this infographic makes you familiar with your vin-de-table.

Decide for yourself… with a glass of wine!

Client : Tobias Dean

Year : 2017

Categories : Design, Infographics, Content Creation

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