How Tech will Transform event Management

//How Tech will Transform event Management
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Project Description

Even Einstein has agreed: “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”

Event management is undoubtedly creating greater chances for businesses around the world. With gradual growth of the event industry, businesses are socialised.

Business conferences become more attractive with a glass of wine and recreational dance numbers. Here comes the contribution of the event managers. It can’t be more effective without proper use of technology.

Time is money- knows everyone (perhaps). More than 50% of the event planners have chose to minimise time by accepting the intervention of technology in event management.

From Geofencing through Application Programme Interface, email and marketing automation, social media, live streaming, crowd-shaping, virtual reality to the usage of drones, robots and radio frequency identification event management has put a step ahead to the advancement of 21st century.

Let us take a statistical view on the growth of event management industry and technological intervention into it. This infographic pilots us to the trending technologies that would determine the future of event management.

Client : Tobias Dean

Year  : 2017

Categories: Design, Infographics, Content Creation

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