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For the Slightly Burned Out Entrepreneur

Are you a young, dynamic professional? Are you “fit” enough to tackle the daily stress strewn across your professional path?

In today’s world “…full of care”, we seldom get time for ourselves – for important things like our health. This is the primary reason why more than 40% of American adults feel stressed and seek medical attention at an early stage in their lives. Little do we understand that investing in our health is the best long-term investment we can ever make! An old Arabian proverb truly says:

“He who has health, has hope
He who has hope, has everything.”

So fitness is the new mantra if we want to achieve everything.

Fitness includes the healthy state of both the mind and the body. More specifically, physical fitness can be defined as the ‘ability to perform to perform aspects of sports or occupations’. It can be achieved through a meticulously balanced regimen of nutrition, physical activity (like running, rowing, swimming, etc.), proper exercise and rest.

Fitness is not only about making the body stronger and more resilient against diseases and disorders, it is about training the mind, increasing confidence and unleashing the core energy which boosts the ability to strive for more in the professional lives, too! Wondering how to achieve such a utopic state of mind and body?

The infographic brings together some unconventional hacks (Warning: Not Easy!) for you to incorporate in your lifestyle. As Benjamin Franklin once rightly said, “No Pain, No Gain”!

View it to leave your buddies far behind on the trek route with your newfound energy and awesomely fit body!

  • Client: Tommy Baker
  • Year: 2015
  • Categories: Design, Infographics, Illustration

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