Of Words and World

Hey you! Yes, you over there. Are you reading this? Do you understand what I am writing? Of course, you do. Coz you understand English! A language you are, in all probability, accustomed to. But have you ever spared a thought on just how important languages are in human life? Maybe not.

Yet sure enough, you think in a language. Letters, gesture, heart-to-heart, tête–à–tête none of these would have been possible without language. In fact the whole human civilization is built on the foundation called language, that’s what separated us from animals in the first place.

Yet the origin of this most important aspect of civilization is shrouded in an impenetrable cloud of mystery. The question of Origin of language is universally deemed an unanswerable one. In fact, the Linguistic Society of Paris banned all discussions of the origin of language in 1866, citing this very reason!

Do you know, there are over 7000 languages in the world? And the Pope tweets in 9 of those languages! Shakespeare single-handedly enriched the English language by 2,035 words. Nevertheless many were not satisfied with languages developing on their own, so some people decided to take matters into their own hands and create entirely new languages themselves.

Think your national language has a great vocabulary? Bet you haven’t heard of the 35,000 words strong Talossan language, the official language of the Kingdom of Talossa- a nation set-up in an American boy’s bedroom!

There are loads of such remarkable languagefacts all over the world, waiting to blow your mind. Here’s an infographic that does just that by collating a number of such wondrous facts for you to ponder on. Read on…in English!


Client : Samual King
Year: 2013