The Popular World of Mobile Phones

A World Gone Mobile…

Did you know that we devote more than 55 hours a week to our phones? Sounds surprising? Alright, how about this: 97% of the time spent on our mobile phones is while we are in our homes.

There are several more astonishing facts about the usage of mobile phones. From 6 to 60, every age group is involved in its usage some way or the other. Some use it for entertainment, while some for their business and career. With the advent of apps, the involvement has increased more than ever.

Mobile phones have become our expediency. We use mobile phones for our convenience but are often unaware how they impact our personal and social lives. More than half the mobile population is found concentrating on their phones while trying to socialize face-to-face. Steven Spielberg has called it both “best friend” and “the biggest party pooper”!

No matter how hard we press on the topic of mobile phones becoming a bane for humans, the truth is that it has become an indispensable part of our lives. From shoppers to entrepreneurs – everyone is dependent on mobile phones. The UK alone has seen a 43% rise in the number of smartphone users over a small duration of 4 years. Want to know more about it? Let’s have a quick statistical glance at the reach of mobile phones in the daily lives of the Brits.


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Year: 2015
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